What Are The Tricks For Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are the small insects you find in every corner of your home. These are oval-shaped and brown. These bugs feed on human blood and of various warm-blooded animals. Further, they have flat surfaces making them easy to get into even tiny spaces. The bed bugs hide in the tiny places and cracks. If there are any resting spaces, like spring boxes and bedside tables, you can find them there too. The main cause of bed bugs is traveling. When you travel a lot, they come to your homes in your clothes. 

You can even bring the bed bugs from hotels, clothing stores, and even movie theatres. So, whenever you return home, check your belongings once before you bring them inside. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to know how to properly wash your clothes. Pest Infestation is hard but with some caution, you can even do it. 

Bed Bug
Bed Bug

Some of the places to check for bed bugs are:

  1. Various box springs
  2. Inside couches and chairs
  3. Crevices and cracks, etc. 

Ways to get rid of bed bugs:-

Bed bugs don’t carry diseases with them but they are quite annoying. They create a lot of itching and discomfort. 

  1. Using steam treatment

When you expose bed bugs to excessive heat, they can’t tolerate the heat and die. So, you should always use ironed bed linen or steam-cleaned ones. Additionally, always read the labels before using these products. You can provide heat Bed Bug Control Experts to the live spots of the bed bugs. Most professional companies use advanced heating techniques to cure bed bug problems. 

  1. Clean all the laundry

If you have unattended laundry, it attracts bed bugs easily. So, it’s best if you clean and keep your laundry inside the closets. Place all the items in sealed plastic bags while transporting them from one room to another. Wash all the bed linens, pillow covers, bed sheets, etc. 

  1. Clean the mess in your rooms

When you have successfully inspected the bed bugs, it is advised to keep the sleeping area clean and tidy. Vacuum the floors thoroughly. Sometimes the bed bugs hide inside the carpets too. When you do several rounds of vacuuming, they are forced to come out. Put the trash outside the rooms and into the dustbins. 

  1. Taking help from the professionals

The professionals will provide full cooperation when you call them to solve the problems. They identify the type of pests and take action accordingly. Don’t wait for the infestation to become large. Take action whenever you see the infestation. 

The bed bugs are quite resilient and they can go on for months without food. Many people use pesticides to get rid of them but it is not always the case. Sometimes home remedies turn out to be dangerous too. 


The pest control Alkimos professionals will inspect your home and then help you in getting rid of them. Taming the bed bugs is something you can’t do alone. You will need help all along the way. 

Is it Safe to Have Pest Control with a Baby at Home?

Is it safe to have pest control at home when you have a baby? So, what are your thoughts? Cockroaches, rats, termites, spiders, and lizards are some of the frequent household pests. Some are annoyances, while others are carriers of fatal illnesses. These pests have the ability to carry infections at your home with them. 

However, if you want to undertake pest control and you have a kid in your house, you must take extra precautions to protect his or her health. Pest treatment is usually safe with a baby at home, but it depends on the chemicals used by the exterminator and the method employed to eradicate pests from your house.

If you believe pest treatment is unsafe for your child, you can leave the house for a few hours while the exterminators spray chemicals. Generally, pesticides created for the management of domestic pests or insects are prepared at low concentration levels, making them highly efficient in pest management. You don’t have to be concerned about your child when performing pest control at home. Here, Pest Control Alkimos have some ways on how to maintain a safe environment while having pest control at home?

1. Choose Less Toxic Pesticides 

When you go to the store to buy pesticides for your home, you will find a large variety of items. You may compare the pesticides to see which is the least hazardous. As you have infants and children at home, you must select a product with a low toxicity level.

2. Read the Label 

Before choosing a pesticide, read the label carefully. Check to see if it’s suitable for usage at home. Before using the product, read the directions carefully and make sure you follow them.

3. Secure your Food Items

Remove all food items from the infected area. Refrigerate them or store them in an airtight container. This is especially crucial when applying spray insecticides.

4. Avoid Usage of Illegal Pesticides

When you’re conducting pest control in your house with your infant, this is something you should keep in mind. There are several pesticides on the market that are incredibly successful at destroying pests, but they can cause more harm than good since they are dangerous to your children and pets. Therefore, read the label carefully and only apply pesticides that are safe to use.

5. Seek Professional Help

As Newborns have a weak immune system, they are more vulnerable to health issues. As a result, the danger of getting bitten by pests is higher in children and babies. Hiring pest control pros is one of the most effective methods to keep pests out of your house. They’re the specialists who know how to get rid of pests and insects with the best tactics and techniques.